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About the Serge Mouille Blog

Unless you are very photosensitive, you do not want to live in a space that has poor lighting. By the same token, you do not want to work in a space that is not properly lighted at all; doing so will not only strain your eyes and cause long term ocular damage, but your productivity will suffer as well. What is the solution? Modern light fixtures from Serge Mouille.

Serge Mouille is the most important French light designer to come out in the last several decades, and his light fixtures are testaments to that fact. His collections include:

  • Floor Lamps
  • Ceiling Lamps
  • Small Sconces
  • Rotating Sconces
  • Spider Sconces
  • Desk Lamps

And within each collection are a number of lamps and sconces of unique designs. With this kind of variety, customers will be able to find the right lighting fixture for them.

One of the first lamps Serge Mouille ever produced, and is still being produced today, is the Three-Armed Floor Lamp, a.k.a. Lampadaire trois bras. This aggressive-looking standing floor lamp has been described as such by Serge Mouille himself, adding that it was “insect-like.” Think about how much it looks so much like the infamous praying mantis and you get the picture. However, this was soon followed by a more modest but equally stylish One-Light Floor Lamp, a.k.a. Lampadaire simple. And these two standing floor lamps are but two fixtures he and his group have to offer.

Serge Mouille and company are about offering light fixtures that combine practical lighting with fashion and elegance. For more on our lights, visit Serge Mouille and our blog.