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Lighting Your Loft with Serge Mouille


metal lighting fixturesNot long ago, living in a loft was a privilege that only people living in extremely massive metropolitan areas, like New York, Paris, or London, could utilize. Today, times have changed; people in cities all over the world are reestablishing a culture of loft living that goes much further than just a shared type of living space. Lofts aren’t all cut from the same cloth, but one characteristic that they do share is that of space. Which then begs the question, “How do I make the most out of my space?”

One area that makes a major difference with space is your loft’s lighting. Many lofts rely on natural lighting around the perimeter, but once you start venturing into some of the inside areas, it becomes important to incorporate artificial lighting. Modern light fixtures have become a staple in the trendiest of lofts. Serge Mouille offers a few different options for lighting that will not only impress your guests but give your loft the partitioned feel that is difficult to achieve when tackling a one room space.

The most popular for lofts is a standing floor lamp to accompany your bedside or complement your sleek sofa. This is a divorce from the popularity of ceiling lamps, namely because lofts are known to have higher ceilings. Another elegant option is a desk lamp to pair with your office or work area desk which uses light to create a calming work space. Once you decide to take the plunge into loft-style living, make sure your lighting is not only complementing your space but making it.

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