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Use Wall Sconces in a Long Hallway


modern light fixtureIf you have a large house with a number of long hallways, you know how hard it is to light them properly. Floor lamps will not work because the bigger the hallway, the less light will reach the farthest corner of the space. Ceiling lamps could work but can make for uneven lighting with one section of the hallway getting more lighting than the others. This can be quite jarring and unappealing to the eye. What is your best option? Use wall sconces along the hallway.

Since wall sconces are small and its illumination is much more limited than other types of lights, you will want to use more than one along the wall. Attach the lights to switches on both ends of the hall. If you have high ceilings, 12 feet or higher, you want to install your sconces no lower than 7 feet. But if your ceilings are not that high, you can go as low as 5-1/2 feet from the floor. Wall sconces should not be placed more than 8 feet from each other unless you are going for a very ornate or specific look. If you have archways or similar entryways interspersed in the hall, you can place a sconce at the center point, just as long as you follow the previous rules about spacing.

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