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Add to Natural Lighting with Modern Lamps


standing floor lampNatural lighting can be hard to come by, especially if you live in an apartment and not a house. The less natural light, the tougher it is to compensate in the room. However, the addition of ample modern light fixtures can more than make up for the loss.

For a room with only two windows that sees direct sunlight, a single standing floor lamp should provide enough light. Place the floor lamp in the corner; a lamp with a single bulb illuminates the room adequately enough. The arm is accentuated, meaning you can move it around and customize the lighting as you see fit. You could add a desk lamp for use as a reading lamp, which will come in handy at night.

But for rooms with only one window, two lamps are ideal. You can combine a floor lamp with a desk or table lamp, a desk lamp with a ceiling lamp, or a ceiling lamp with a floor lamp. You might be able to pull off just a floor lamp, provided it has three arms.

For rooms with no windows, using two lights is recommended. Use a standing floor lamp as the main source of lighting with a desk or ceiling lamp to accentuate it.

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