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Tips on Lighting Any Room


modern ceiling lampLighting particular rooms can be tricky, but not impossible. Here is how you use modern light fixtures to light the various rooms in your home.

  • Entryway: Attach a ceiling lamp above the entrance and connect it to a dimmer to set the right mood. Wall sconces can highlight a piece of art as well as light the area. A table near the entrance can be adorned with a small lamp to give it an extra bit of charm.
  • Living Room: Permanent fixtures like sconces or a ceiling lamp should be connected to a dimmer switch. Standing floor lamps should be situated near tables and chairs. Again, wall sconces work well when displaying paintings or pictures on a wall, but also work well with other pieces of art on a mantel or display.
  • Dining Room: Low lighting is perfect for the dining room, which means a ceiling lamp tied to a dimmer switch. This can be accentuated with candlelight if you are looking to be romantic.
  • Kitchen: Due to the many reflective surfaces, this a little trickier to pull off but far from impossible. A few smaller overhead lights over the center table or island works best. The same can be said with the counters attached to the sink. Add accent lighting to show off the spots of the kitchen you are most proud of.

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