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How Do You Know Serge Mouille Has the Lights for You?


modern light fixturesFirst, look around your home and make note of what you see. If you see the latest names and models of furniture and kitchen appliances, then the simple answer is yes, you should buy light fixtures from Serge Mouille.

These light fixtures are known for their quality of illumination, design, and overall craftsmanship. The standing floor lamp, for example, which comes in single or three-armed configurations, are thin but sturdy and have accentuating heads which allows you to customize how the light will illuminate an enclosed space. An added benefit of this lamp is it will not clash with the established decor of your living space.

Ceiling lamps are trickier to use due to the fact that once you install it, you are not moving it again unless you move to a new place. But once you do, the multiple heads and moveable arms are easy to adjust, and thus make lighting a large room simple. Naturally, you are going to need a ladder to adjust it the way you want. Be sure to test how it lights up the room before setting the arms and heads and then walking away.

Other Serge Mouille lights include desk lamps and wall sconces of various designs you can use in hallways or along staircases.

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