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What Does a Writer Need?


modern desk lampA writer needs a pen at the very least, but a word processor is the writing implement of choice these days. He needs a desk on which to write. And when dawn turns into dusk, the writer is going to need a desk lamp to keep him writing until he falls asleep. One can argue a ceiling lamp or floor lamp would be just as useful, and they can be, but lighting just the area around the desk will suffice.

Our first recommendation: the Agrafee Desk Lamp from Serge Mouille. The neat feature about this lamp is its ability to clamp onto the sides of any desk. Available with or without a pivoting arm and in black or white, the shades are connected by brass swivels.

Next is the Tripod Desk Lamp. Modeled after a mussel shell, it sports unique front legs that bend forward, accenting the angled stem. The brass swivel connects the head, allowing you to angle the shades for better illumination when you need it.

And last but not least, the Cocotte Desk Lamp is an ideal choice for writers. Probably the most traditionally designed lamp in the collection, it has a triangular base that supports a slim straight arm with a cylindrical shade. The head also swivels when you need it to.

If you are a serious writer who needs a desk lamp, contact Serge Mouille today.

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