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Creating Ambiance with Modern Lighting


Adequate lighting is essential to an environment that fosters a positive attitude. Unless a person’s purpose is to build their own haunted house, modern lighting design is necessary to create a welcoming atmosphere, and not just for visitors but for the person living there as well.

Modern design lighting, by definition, has the modern homeowner in mind. We are talking about light fixtures that combine excellent lighting with a nearly avant-garde design. These were created with newly constructed homes in mind. Many of these homes follow a pattern of clean white walls, steel appliances, chrome fixtures, marble countertops, wall-to-wall carpeting, and tiled floors. Windows tend to be large in such living spaces and allow for some great natural lighting, which can add to the atmosphere.

Standing floor lamps, either with one or multiple heads, are the standard lights one would use for medium to large areas of a home. But in such cases, it can be replaced by or added with a ceiling lamp. These lights will be sleek, have a unique profile, and will not clash with the rest of the decor. Wall sconces can be used, but we recommend you only use those sparingly, like along staircases or long hallways.

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