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Gifting a Serge Mouille Lamp


modern wall sconcesGifting one of these masterpieces of modern lighting design is quite the statement, and the recipient will certainly appreciate the gesture and the lamp, regardless of which lamp you give them. But if you are having a hard time deciding, consider these arguments for each one.

Standing Floor Lamp: These work best in medium to large rooms, like the living room or den, especially if you are looking to purchase the Three-Arm Lamp. Placed at or near a corner, you will be able to provide excellent lighting to the room. Also, it will match perfectly in a room with modern aesthetics.

Ceiling Lamp: This is kind of a hard one because it needs to be installed and cannot be moved afterward, but it is perfect for large rooms. This can easily light an entire room without much trouble.

Desk Lamp: The smallest of the bunch, this is a great gift to give someone who has been promoted to a new position and has been given his own office. It is a practical gift and a mark of distinction.

Wall Sconce: Another light that needs to be installed, give it to someone who wishes to adorn their hallways or staircase. It makes for a much welcomed housewarming gift.

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