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Profiling Standing Floor Lamps


modern floor lampSerge Mouille is considered to be one of the most important designers of French lights in the 1950s, and his designs reflect a style and quality that very few can reach, let alone match equally. Let us begin with his series of standing floor lamps, which consists of three-armed, two-armed, and simple/single-armed floor lamps.

The Three-Armed Floor Lamp, a.k.a. Lampadaire trois bras, was created in 1952 at the request of Jacques Adnet. Serge Mouille once described this monster of a lamp as “…an aggressive light, an insect…” Think praying mantis and you will get the idea. This lamp was meant to stand out and make people notice it the moment they step into a room.

In 1953 came the Two-Armed Lamp, a.k.a. Lampadaire deux bras. Markedly different from the three-armed version and not as aggressive, this line would be discontinued with the appearance of the next standing floor lamp.

The simple One-Light Floor Lamp, a.k.a. Lampadaire simple, followed soon after its two-headed sister. This was born out of the need to produce a lamp that was not nearly as aggressive as the three-headed version but would still provide adequate lighting. Its simplicity is eye-catching and minimalistic.

To see the catalog of modern floor lamps, contact Serge Mouille today.

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