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Creating the Perfect Picture with Lighting


standing floor lampAn important aspect of taking photos is lighting.  Using the flash on a camera can only do so much and sometimes the flash creates a harsh effect. If you are trying for a semi-professional photo finish, adequate lighting is crucial.  By adding modern light fixtures, you can achieve this with ease in your own home.

You do not have to be a professional photographer with a an expensive setup to get the best pictures possible.  Standing floor lamps are useful because of their height and omnidirectional arms and heads.  This allows you to point the light in a number of ways to get the shot you may be looking for.

Pointing the light in the wrong direction may cast a shadow across the face of the subject.  For example, placing the light above your subject’s head will cast harsh shadows across the face, obscuring it.  You can use flash to lighten the facial shadow.

Placing the floor lamp to the side of your subject’s face allows the light to strike one side, casting a shadow on the other half of the face and adding dramatic effect.

By searching the web for a few easy lighting tutorials and the right combination of light fixtures, amateur photographers can take their photography to a new level.

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