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Chandeliers vs. Modern Ceiling Lamps


modern lightingWhen choosing to light your brand new house, you might have to decide whether an ornate chandelier or a simpler, but still functional, modern ceiling lamp would be the better choice.  Let us discuss these two options.

Chandeliers, by and large, have many branches and are very complex when it comes to design.  These lighting fixtures are made up of an extensive number of lights and an even more extensive number of glass or crystals adorning it.  The glass or crystals on the chandelier are used to illuminate the room through the refraction of light.  In doing so, light is spread out in an impressive fashion and allows the crystals to shine with brilliance.

As impressive as chandeliers are, they might clash with a house or room that has been designed and furnished with particular tastes. Some view chandeliers as too ornate or regal in design.  Comparatively, more spartan than its ornate counterpart, a modern ceiling lamp still provides more than adequate lighting over an entire room while still keeping in tune with the space’s decor.  They are sleek–arguably elegant in their own way–and in touch with what many city-dwellers prefer in their living spaces.

You might have had a hard time deciding which type of lighting to choose, but think about the room’s design, your personal tastes, and which fixture suits your needs best.

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