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Best Places to Use a Standing Floor Lamp


standing floor lampOne of the great things about standing floor lamps is their versatility.  They can be used anywhere and since they are products of modern lighting design, they are relatively lightweight and thus able to be moved to different parts of the house.  For this reason, a floor lamp can be used well in a number of rooms in your home.  Let us go over each room a bit more in depth.

  • Living room: Small to medium-size living rooms  can accommodate a single floor lamp and light it exceptionally well.  That said, however, larger living rooms would not be so well lit with a single lamp.  Granted, you can move the lamp around if you had to, but for such a large room, you might want to stick with a ceiling lamp or use at least two floor lamps.
  • Dens/basements: Dens and basements can utilize a standing lamp, especially lamps with three heads to light up the room.  But odds are you will be using at least one other fixture to light parts of the basement.  By pairing with ceiling fixtures and sconces, you can create the right atmosphere for your den.
  • Home office: Whether you spend a good portion of your day here or not, it is important to have enough lighting while you work. A standing floor lamp, along with a lamp for the desk, will provide ample light to keep you from straining your eyes.

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