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Small Sconces by Serge Mouille


The beauty of modern lighting is priceless. When looking for modern sconces, you need to not only find something that is highly functional but also esthetically pleasing at the same time. You need an accent piece, essentially – something that will do exactly what you need it to do and say exactly what you need it to say all at the same time. Luckily, the small sconces from Serge Mouille are capable of doing exactly that.

modern sconces

Antony Sconce

This sconce incorporates a simple and natural design and will look terrific in any room in your house. It features a mussel shell shade construction.

modern sconces

1 Arm Double Swivel Sconce

This sconce boldly features one straight arm and two swivels, making it the perfect lighting solution for smaller spaces.

modern sconce

Conche Sconce

This sconce features a curved, fluid design that allows the lamp to rest on a shade and tilt in any direction that you need it to at a moment’s notice.

modern sconces

Eye Sconce

The eye sconce is designed to be diminutive and unobtrusive and yet highly practice at the same time. It features simple operation and minimalist design, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of different applications.

modern lighting

Flame Sconce

The flame sconce is actually an elegant pair of two sconces that results in a lamp that illuminates upward towards the ceiling. This is a great opportunity to create strategic shadows all throughout a room, adding a bold touch in nearly any environment.

modern sconce

Saturne Sconce

Finally, the Saturne sconce is a bold item that features a partial cut on the outer edge. This allows the central cone reflector to both project light into the room and diffuse the harsh quality of light depending on your current preference. It’s available in black and white lacquer colors.

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