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The Versatility Of Serge Mouille Ceiling Lamps


SergeMouilleUSA.com offers a wide selection of lamps. Among the most versatile and most popular is the ceiling lamp. These lamps, as with all Serge Mouille lamps, provide beautiful and versatile mid-century modern lighting. These lamps are noted and even coveted for adding elegance, class, and style through metal lighting fixtures and sconce lamps to any ceiling.

modern ceiling lamps

  • These two, three, or six arm ceiling lamps have curved arms which are fixed in position, and they have shades that can be rotated to any position, putting part of a room in light, or in shadows—depending on your mood. This is an elegant lamp that creates a small footprint—a prime example of mid century modern lighting at its best.
  • The library ceiling lamp can be used to illuminate bookshelves, or to light works of art or highlight any area of a room. This lamp is beautiful when used alone, or grouped with others. The lamp comes in custom drop lengths.
  • The large snail ceiling lamp highlights some of Serge Mouille’s best modern ceiling lamps. The snail shell inspires the swirling cut out in the shade as light projects downward through the opening as light reflects from the ceiling.
  • Three, five, or seven arm spider ceiling lamps come with rotating heads on seven fixed arms. This lamp is a beautiful example of modern design lighting that is as much a piece of art as it is lighting for your room. This lamp will certainly be a beautiful conversation piece.
  • The falling arm ceiling lamp is a chandelier that finds its inspiration at least in part from the spider ceiling lamp. This lamp has five fixed arms that are different lengths which drop from the canopy before casting out at different and dramatic angles. This lamp comes with three different layouts for its five arms.

Serge Mouille is an icon in mid-century modern lighting. Come see what beautiful and artistic lighting options you will find for your space.

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