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Home Lighting | 5 Points For Consideration


Lighting is an important aspect of your home decor.  Serge Mouille‘s standing floor lamps, hanging lights, table lamps, and wall lighting are not only functional, but can bring an aspect of style and elegance to your home. When choosing lighting for your home consider these five important tips.

modern lighting

One:  Layer the Lighting

The overhead lighting that came with your home can be too bright, garish, or even unflattering. Installing a dimmer switch on overhead lighting and using floor lamps throughout the space to provide areas of warm, indirect lighting and reduce glare and shadows.  Additional task lights can provide concentrated light where it is needed the most for reading and work.

Two:  Choose Lighting That Matches Your Style

Your home should reflect your unique style.  Modern design lighting is easier to find than ever with Serge Mouille.  Serge was a graduate of the School of Applied Arts and his lighting is a true work of art as reflected in the beautiful Flame Sconces.

Three: Choose Sconces for Accent Lighting

The general rule of accent lighting is that it should provide at least three times more light on the focal point than the room’s general lighting provide.  Serge Mouille’s 2 Arm Rotating Sconce can illuminate your artwork, beautiful house plants, or other items of interest in your living space.

Four:  Choose Overhead Lighting 

While floor lamps and task lamps are excellent choices for most of your living spaces, the dining room and kitchen call for overhead light solutions.  The Escargot Ceiling Lamps and Library Ceiling Lamps are beautiful choices in rooms where overhead lighting is the practical solution.

Five:  Keep Your Lighting Versatile

Finally, the lighting in your living space should be flexible enough to be included in future design changes.  Serge Mouille’s standing floor lamps and task lighting are stylish and versatile.  They will be beautiful additions to your living space for years to come.

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