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The Rotating Sconce | Home Use


About the artist Serge Mouille

Modern light fixtures and metal lighting fixtures represented by iconic lighting designers like Serge Mouille enable design and function to be integrated spectacularly within an area. His mid century design fixtures have been exhibited at the Société de Création des Modèles. Among his designs are both fluorescent and incandescent examples. He continued adding to his collection of modern minimalist lighting fixtures until 1961. His favorite material was black metal, though now his designs are manufactured in white as well.

His work combines original design with maximum functionality that draws attention to any part of a room. His lights are encased within articulated structures that illustrate the essential function of lighting through simplicity of form.

Modern Lighting

Making the best use of Serge Mouille’s rotating sconce.

The one arm curved sconce is like a leap into light. Its long arm has a versatile swing that is simple in its exuberance and practicality. These qualities make it essential for many design applications.

The shade tilts and revolves on a brass fitting and together with the adjustable arm this becomes a very flexible lighting option.

Like most of Serge Mouille’s designs the rotating sconce is a lighting fixture that will accentuate the look and feel that you are seeking in your living or working space. In addition, you will discover that this space saving light can fit in almost any location with ease. Available in black or white with brass shade connections this is an outstanding option for work areas and sitting areas.

Serge Mouille Perspective

Serge Mouille connects structural and visual basics to form functional compositions that present his point of view. His artistic focus provides visceral impact that will make your space extraordinary. Purity and simplicity are minimalist ideals rendered in this artist’s work. Serge Mouille’s functional art will attract attention anywhere.

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