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Mid Century Minimalist Design | The Serge Mouille Saturne Desk Lamp


About the artist Serge Mouille

Modern light fixtures and metal light fixtures are represented by famous lighting designers such as Serge Mouille. He exhibited his well-known mid century design fixtures at the Société de Création des Modèles. His designs incorporate both fluorescence and incandescence. He added to his collection of modern metal lighting fixtures until 1961.

Most famous for minimalist designs, he preferred to work in black metal. His work brings strength and direction with maximum functionality to any part of a room. Using uniformly black painted metal materials, spot light fixtures within articulated structures illustrate the essential function of lighting through simplicity of form.

Modern Lighting

About sixth planet from the sun Serge Mouille Saturne desk lamp

The sixth planet from the sun is named Saturne in French. It has been known to man since prehistoric times and was first recorded by Galileo. Serge Mouille took this planet as inspiration for his minimalist desk lamp design so unique that it took on the shape of a light source and eclipse unified as a piece of metal work. Mounted on a brass swivel supported by four slender yet stable legs this lamp brings light and revolutionary design to any home or office.

The Serge Mouille Saturne Desk Lamp is connected to nature by its shape, with the shade taking the form of a planet in our solar system. The lamp’s supporting structure is composed of slim yet strong legs. The eclipse structure is simply curved and gracefully formed – not only a luminaire but also a powerful focal point providing illumination as art with function.

Serge Mouille Artistic Perspective

Serge Mouille connects visual basics together to form art that presents his point of view while incorporating functionality. His artistic focus provides pure impact. Purity and simplicity are minimalist goals that are rendered in this artist’s work with spectacular precision. They will attract attention anywhere.

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