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4 Beautiful Light Designs For Your Living Space


The light fixtures you use throughout your home control the ambiance in each room. After all, light intensity, location and appearance directly influences the way people feel when they enter your living space. Thankfully, you can play around with light options by investing in a wide variety of wall sconces, floor lamps, ceiling mounts and desk lights.

modern lighting

Wall Sconces

Modern sconces attach directly to the walls in your home to illuminate tight spots, such as corners and hallways. Sconces also look really regal when placed above the fireplace mantle or in the entryway. This fixture type may have anywhere from one bulb housing to seven separate arms.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps slip behind furniture to provide a bit of light over favored reading, dining or conversation spots. The fixture designs range from minimalistic to artistic to fit nearly any type of decor. Within these designs, the bulb may shine through narrow slats or sit under a decorative hood.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounted fixtures have long been used as a centerpiece for the room. The light naturally draws the eye upward to allow visitors to revel in the complex, beautiful designs. Modern ceiling lamps may feature several arms with single bulbs or simply showcase a gorgeous cutout design in an individual fixture. You can customize the drop height to control the intensity and spread of light coming from the bulbs.

Desk Lights

A desk lamp gives you just the right amount of light in areas where it’s needed without encroaching on rest spots. Desk lamps pivot around, so you can shine the light brightly on your work area. The lampshades used for this fixture type may look like a beautiful flower or stunning dome. The extreme portability of the lamp makes it easy to experiment with placement or simply move the light when you need it elsewhere.

Choosing The Best Configurations

Think deeply about how you use rooms and sitting areas throughout your house to find the perfect lamp types for each space. If you have intricate hobbies that require bright light, use a combination of desk and floor lamps to illuminate the area appropriately. On the other hand, if you want a nice conversational space, use a low drop ceiling lamp over your dining room table for soft lighting that promotes relaxation and calm.

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