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Living and Working Spaces Have Major Impact on Human Happiness, Wellness


In our blog post last week we touched on the field of neuro-architecture and we will discuss it more today.

The developing science of neuro-architecture may confirm that the quest for shelter, warmth and safety has at the same time contributed to human distress.  This “disconnect” manifests itself in mood swings, unhappiness, workplace dissatisfaction, learning problems and developmental ills.

Some scientists even believe that improper light, lack of comforting surroundings and the absence of restorative natural elements are the basis of much physical illness. The findings of a new group of scientists and architects who study brain reactions to elements of the “built environment” are fascinating and are sure to impact life and design in the coming years.

Affirming some elements of Feng Shui principles, and giving more than a passing nod to historically inspiring architectural elements of great spaces of the past, the emerging science hopes to encourage architects to design spaces for health and happiness.  Such spaces, based on current scientific studies, may also stimulate creativity, encourage wellness and contribute to growth and development of the brain. Though the science is still developing, a further hope is that future schools, offices and hospitals can be designed to aid in treating conditions like autism and alzheimer’s.  Findings are encouraging, and exciting.

Neuro-architecture emphasizes quality of light, effective integration of form and function,  sustainability, and a renewed appreciation for natural materials, colors and forms.  A resource list has been compiled by The Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture.

Minimalism and high-tech design can be enhanced by familiar and cherished objects; appearance and sensory appeal should balance function.  The juxtaposition of antique furniture with modern lighting is edgy and attractive, just as a desk lamp in an office can add a human element to an efficient setting.  Our lighting fixtures represent some of the best of design from the past, and incorporate beauty as well as function.

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