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Serge Mouille: “Black Forms” 1952-1954


We discussed in a previous post about Serge Mouille’s Experimental years. Next up in this artist’s amazing and dynamic career was his phase known as “Les Formes Noires” or “Black Forms”. This period not only included vibrant works of art but also marked Serge Mouille’s first foray into modern design lighting. modern design lighting

In the early 1950s, young artist and master silversmith Serge Mouille was approached by Jacques Adnet about working on a new type of project: lighting. Serge was, at first, confused. However, once Serge saw this as both a mission and a challenge he was confident that his style could be successfully converted into the interior design field.

Serge’s task was very direct; “I want a big light because I have clients in South America who have huge rooms,” requested Jacques Adnet. On that note, in 1952, Serge went on to create a plethora of different designs and prototypes for use in larger spaces in South America. The end result was not only a found love for the art of design lighting but a three-armed floor lamp that is still popular today. From this point on Serge Mouille became a force to be reckoned with in the Interior Design industry, spending the time he wasn’t using to design new products to tour the world with his products.

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