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Serge Mouille: The Experimental Years


modern floor lampsSerge Mouille, like most artists, went through a series of phases that helped define and determine his style as an innovator in modern design lighting. One of his earlier phases is known as “les temps des experiences,” or “the experimental years,” was focused on different types of art showcases. These pieces of art, as different as they may appear to his more recent work in design lighting, were a large part and influence to an overarching Serge Mouille style.

This period only lasted a few years, from 1949-1953, but many interesting pieces and ideas were initiated. The Meudon Gang was one of the first art presentations Serge Mouille developed during this time (pictured) and is a mobile depicting faceless individuals in a cubic-based setting.

Later in this period, Serge Mouille was introduced into “The Espace Group” which was a group consisting of the world’s top minds in design, architecture, and invention. Within this group, chaired by Andre Bloc, Serge was able to communicate his new ideas to an audience of talented peers for continuing critiques and developments. Towards the end, The International Textile Exhibition featured early floor lamp designs from Serge Mouille–most of which were lost some time ago.

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