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July 11, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Recessed Lighting Tips

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and it just looks perfect even without any inhabitants in it. It is bright enough and casts the perfect shadows. This is because of recessed lighting techniques used in the room. By carefully placing lamps and lights in the right places and mixing their lights, you too can create a warm glow in your room. Here are some tips:

  • There are lots of small lamps in the room, but they should not be the most important sources of light. In fact, they should be on dimmers.

  • Add a few light fixtures just below the eye level, such a well-placed modern floor lamp or table lamp.

  • If you have a high ceiling, you can have a central pendant.

  • Keep lamps balanced and equidistant from one another.

By keeping these few things in mind, you can have the picture perfect room. Serge Mouille’s versatile standing lamps are perfect for casting the right shadows.


June 27, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Full Spectrum Light Bulbs?

Earlier this year, Congress outlawed old fashioned incandescent light bulbs in efforts to reduce our carbon footprints. Now, the biggest question is what will replace our old light bulbs? The government has since been promoting CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs) and experimenting with LED street lights. However, full spectrum light bulbs are becoming hot topic amongst concerned citizens.

Full spectrum light bulbs are said to emit lighting almost as good as sunlight. Sunlight is essential for every living creatures’ health. So does this mimicking light bulb do justice? Can they replace conventional light bulbs? Let’s weigh the pros and cons:

Pro: Full spectrum bulbs give great natural lighting for the day time. Instead of the old tube lights, this light bulb would be a great replacement for offices and schools–basically any place people reside in during the day time.

Con: The full spectrum isn’t necessarily good for our circadian rhythm. It can distort our sleep cycle. Natural sunlight dims into reds before night and this helps our bodies to know its time to sleep. Full spectrum bulbs will emit light as if it’s day time all the time.

Pro: Full spectrum lighting will give us excellent color perception. Every photographer will say that natural lighting is the best. Because of it’s full spectrum, colors reflect best in day lighting.

Con: Full spectrum will not provide better visual performance compared to other light bulbs.

Pro: Lighting produced by full-spectrum modern lamps may be, however, perceived as providing better architectural spaces than other lamps.

To make the world a greener place, we have to give careful consideration to the kind of light bulbs we use. There are still many problems in the light bulb dilemma, but we are continuing to find new solutions. What kind of light bulb will you be using?


June 3, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Chic Home Lighting Ideas

There are many ways to decorate your home. Most of which revolve around the lighting that you choose. Below are some ideas on how to take your mediocre home up a notch. Get inspired by these unique styles.

  • Unexpected Places: Dramatic lighting is key for a chic home. How exactly do you make it dramatic? By placing modern light fixtures or classic lamps in unexpected places.
  • Brilliant Shades: Have fun with lampshades. Since they’re easier, and cheaper, to switch out than an entire light, you can change the style of the room in no time.
  • Make a Statement: Look for unique fixtures that draw attention to a favorite piece of artwork, furnishing or even an area of a room. Serge Mouille modern sconces might just be the perfect fix.
  • Repeat Design: If you like what you see, don’t feel bad about repeating the trend in other places.

Lighting is an essential element to complete any room. Use these fun tip and feel free to send us some of your own.

April 28, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Vintage Furnishing for Your 21st Century Home

V14-10_kSo you’ve updated your home with fabulous mid century modern lights, now what? What comes next is complementing those sconces with Gueridon mid 20th century European furniture.

Below are some decorating secrets that we feel will truly reflect your space.

Pile on the Pillows: Our collection of sofas and daybeds express vintage minimalism. Adding some brightly colored pillows are sure to catch the light from your modern lamps.

Dark Walls: Dark walls do the opposite of what you’d think. They make a small room feel bigger. With a touch of colorful frames and mirrors, this dark room will be illuminated before you know it.

It’s Okay to Skip the Sofa: While we love our sofas, there’s no rule that your living room needs them. Fill up the space with vintage chairs and tables.

Get Rid of That Traditional Coffee Table: The more versatile the better. You can either start with one of our vintage pieces or go as far as placing a tray on top of an ottoman.

Combining the old with the new is sure to leave your home with a stunning look and feel.

April 17, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Five Facts About Serge Mouille That You Didn’t Know

Serge-Mouille-Three-Arm-Spider-Sconce_ASerge Mouille has been the most important French designer of lights since the 1950′s. His lights are considered decorative art classics and modern day works of art. For a designer of his stature, it’s important to know the facts and history of his designs.

  • Serge Mouille started researching and designing light fixtures in 1953. It was during this period that he was also supervising the gold smithing department at l’École des Arts Appliqués. Two years later, he was inducted into the Interior Decorators’ Society.
  • Since the beginning of his career, Serge stressed ease of use, manoeuvrability and quality of lighting in his lights and lamps. Forms and structures were conditioned by practical requirements.
  • Serge Mouille was the only designer, of that period, who put together a complete line of lamps. Whatever the need, Serge always found the answer.
  • Serge Mouille was described as the “Silversmith, specializing in large silver tableware”.
  • The elegance, aptness and originality of Serge Mouille’s forms had a lot to do with the intelligence of Metal.

For years, Serge Mouille’s lights had been a regular feature in magazines and at numerous interior design events. His designs will live for more years to come.

April 10, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Interior Design Fun Facts: Lighting

Serge-Mouille-Seven-Arm-Spider-Sconce_AInterior design is more challenging than it might seem. You need to have extensive knowledge on the materials, have an eye for aesthetics and understand the installation and construction of the projects. Here are some things to take into consideration when it comes to designing the lighting in your home or work space.

One of the most effective ways to add light to a room is by installing a skylight. It can create an open, airy feel and let’s way more light in than any window treatment.

Another effective way to add lighting to a room is with mirrors. Since they reflect light, they can make a small room seem both larger and lighter.

For our last trick, we suggest using tiers of lighting in each room. Start with reading lights on low tables, and more upward to sconces and ceiling fixtures. These fabulous layers create visual interest and create mood within the room.

March 27, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Making a Bright and Nicely Lit Home for the Warmer Months

serge mouille

As the winter weather starts to warm up and spring brings out new greenery, plant-life and outdoor activities, it is important to keep an indoor space as comfortable as possible. Lighting plays a key role in the process of decorating the home for the warmer months of spring and summer. Selecting the right modern lighting fixtures can make your home warm, inviting and comfortable.

Add Floor Lamps

If you have a limited budget or you do not want to install new lighting fixtures on your walls or in the ceiling, then adding floor lamps to your space can help brighten up the room. Floor lamps can be added to any indoor space, and many designs are made to light up large areas.

Even though a floor lamp is useful, some spaces may need more light than a single lamp can provide. Other modern lighting solutions can help improve the bright surroundings of your space.

Install Modern Ceiling Lamps

Modern ceiling lamps are a great way to brighten a large area. The ceiling lamps feature modern design elements without distracting from the amount of light that is produced when it is turned on.

Since a ceiling lamp requires more work to install and place the light, it is best for your home if you want to make changes to your lighting fixtures. Avoid the ceiling lamps if you want the flexibility to move your lamps throughout the room based on your design preferences.

It is not hard to light up a room with a combination of modern lighting fixtures and new lamps. At SergeMouilleUSA, we can help you find the perfect lighting fixtures for your space. We offer advice based on your budget, goals and the type of designs that you prefer.

March 20, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Spring Cleaning: Out With The Old Lighting!

sconceSpring time means the weather will start to get warmer, the days will be longer, and summer is just around the corner. It also means a time to start getting rid of the old and ushering in the new: spring cleaning. For those who enjoy designing and redesigning their home interiors, there are many areas that need special attention during spring cleaning. But one area that often gets overlooked but shouldn’t is lighting and lighting fixtures. The simple fact is that a home’s lighting can either diminish the style and decor you’ve worked so hard to design, or enliven it in a very special way. Out with the old lighting, in with the new.

Floor Lamps

Don’t think of these as ways to increase lighting in certain areas of the home. Think of floor lamps as an extension of a particular room’s décor. Modern takes on the traditional floor lamp have given this item the makeover it needed. From slender standing lamps that offer multi-directional lighting to signal floor lamps that feature steel pedestals, a combination of incandescent and fluorescent lighting that exudes a soft glow, a change in this area can be an increase in style.


This lighting option has always been popular with interior designers. The modern twist comes in the angular rotating sconces that are both stylish and practical. Placing these in strategic areas, such as in bedrooms can offer flexibility, as the rotating sconce can be repositioned, fantastic lighting, and a chic touch that complements an existing room’s style.

Desk Lamps

The desk lamp has come a long way since the traditional bulky variety. The modern versions can be clamped to a desk, leaving room to work, or come with triangular bases for a minimalist touch. Consider a tripod desk lamp with a brass swivel for a classy upgrade.

March 10, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Bedroom Lighting Trends

modern lighting

To accomplish everything you want to do such as optimizing your space, dressing, relaxing, reading, and more, your bedroom deserves to be lit well regardless the style of décor or size of the room. The fact is your bedroom is your sanctuary. Utilizing the various layers of lighting is critical since some bedrooms use one flush mount light that does the work of many – many bedrooms aren’t lit properly. This year, look for modern lighting options that run the gamut of styles.

Overhead Ambient Lighting

One thing you definitely need in the bedroom is ambient light of some sort, and typically this comes in the form of an overhead lighting option. The type will vary depending on bedroom décor and personal style but includes a chandelier, semi-flush mount, drum pendant, ceiling pendant, or a ceiling fan with a light kit. The trend is for fixtures that offer quality general illumination and give off a soft, soothing glow. Dimmers are also trending as they allow you to control the glow emitted.

Task Lighting

While simple table lamps may do the trick, there are plenty of other options that are currently popular for bedside task lighting. To reduce the chances of tripping over cords and a smaller footprint, wall lamps are the perfect option. Those that include swing arms to direct lighting wherever you need it are best. Another popular choice is to hang matching mini pendants, making sure they’re at optimal sigh level.

Sconces and Lamps

Have a dressing table or vanity? Use these in-trend lighting options. Many people don’t provide enough lighting in these areas and they certainly need it. To put your best face forward, try placing sconces on both sides of a vanity mirror, or even an eye-catching, unique lamp as a decoration and to light the dressing table.

March 1, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Lighting And Your Mood

modern lighting

Whether you are asleep or awake, active or relaxing, light has an effect on your mood. From a functional standpoint, dim lighting makes it hard to accomplish everyday tasks, easily leading to frustration or negative feelings. In contrast, modern lighting that closely mimics natural sunlight engages your circadian rhythms, making you feel happier and more energetic. People who spend a lot of time indoors–be it at work or home–need to carefully consider how effectively the light in their space allows them to function as well as its long term impact on their mood.

The amount of light in a space also affects how people feel about physically close interactions. If you want to create an intimate conversation or meeting area, dimly lit modern light fixtures are far more effective than glaring overhead lights. In fact, studies have found that most humans are more likely to be uncomfortable with close interpersonal contact if the lighting is too bright.

Similarly, color also affects mood. If you have lighting fixtures reflecting off a yellow wall, for example, it is emotionally jarring compared to a soothing violet wall. Even in the evening, lighting and its colors can impact an individual’s tendency toward depression. According to research recently published in the Journal of NeuroScience, people exposed to blue or white light in the evening–regardless of whether they are asleep or awake–tend to become depressed while those who are surrounded by red light or darkness report no changes to their overall mood. When setting up an evening area for work or relaxation, this is something that should be kept in mind, and if possible, you should try to equip the lighting fixtures in that space with red light.