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March 5, 2015
by Serge Mouille

The Versatility Of Serge Mouille Ceiling Lamps

SergeMouilleUSA.com offers a wide selection of lamps. Among the most versatile and most popular is the ceiling lamp. These lamps, as with all Serge Mouille lamps, provide beautiful and versatile mid-century modern lighting. These lamps are noted and even coveted for adding elegance, class, and style through metal lighting fixtures and sconce lamps to any ceiling.

modern ceiling lamps

  • These two, three, or six arm ceiling lamps have curved arms which are fixed in position, and they have shades that can be rotated to any position, putting part of a room in light, or in shadows—depending on your mood. This is an elegant lamp that creates a small footprint—a prime example of mid century modern lighting at its best.
  • The library ceiling lamp can be used to illuminate bookshelves, or to light works of art or highlight any area of a room. This lamp is beautiful when used alone, or grouped with others. The lamp comes in custom drop lengths.
  • The large snail ceiling lamp highlights some of Serge Mouille’s best modern ceiling lamps. The snail shell inspires the swirling cut out in the shade as light projects downward through the opening as light reflects from the ceiling.
  • Three, five, or seven arm spider ceiling lamps come with rotating heads on seven fixed arms. This lamp is a beautiful example of modern design lighting that is as much a piece of art as it is lighting for your room. This lamp will certainly be a beautiful conversation piece.
  • The falling arm ceiling lamp is a chandelier that finds its inspiration at least in part from the spider ceiling lamp. This lamp has five fixed arms that are different lengths which drop from the canopy before casting out at different and dramatic angles. This lamp comes with three different layouts for its five arms.

Serge Mouille is an icon in mid-century modern lighting. Come see what beautiful and artistic lighting options you will find for your space.

February 25, 2015
by Serge Mouille

Home Lighting | 5 Points For Consideration

Lighting is an important aspect of your home decor.  Serge Mouille‘s standing floor lamps, hanging lights, table lamps, and wall lighting are not only functional, but can bring an aspect of style and elegance to your home. When choosing lighting for your home consider these five important tips.

modern lighting

One:  Layer the Lighting

The overhead lighting that came with your home can be too bright, garish, or even unflattering. Installing a dimmer switch on overhead lighting and using floor lamps throughout the space to provide areas of warm, indirect lighting and reduce glare and shadows.  Additional task lights can provide concentrated light where it is needed the most for reading and work.

Two:  Choose Lighting That Matches Your Style

Your home should reflect your unique style.  Modern design lighting is easier to find than ever with Serge Mouille.  Serge was a graduate of the School of Applied Arts and his lighting is a true work of art as reflected in the beautiful Flame Sconces.

Three: Choose Sconces for Accent Lighting

The general rule of accent lighting is that it should provide at least three times more light on the focal point than the room’s general lighting provide.  Serge Mouille’s 2 Arm Rotating Sconce can illuminate your artwork, beautiful house plants, or other items of interest in your living space.

Four:  Choose Overhead Lighting 

While floor lamps and task lamps are excellent choices for most of your living spaces, the dining room and kitchen call for overhead light solutions.  The Escargot Ceiling Lamps and Library Ceiling Lamps are beautiful choices in rooms where overhead lighting is the practical solution.

Five:  Keep Your Lighting Versatile

Finally, the lighting in your living space should be flexible enough to be included in future design changes.  Serge Mouille’s standing floor lamps and task lighting are stylish and versatile.  They will be beautiful additions to your living space for years to come.

February 17, 2015
by Serge Mouille

The Rotating Sconce | Home Use

About the artist Serge Mouille

Modern light fixtures and metal lighting fixtures represented by iconic lighting designers like Serge Mouille enable design and function to be integrated spectacularly within an area. His mid century design fixtures have been exhibited at the Société de Création des Modèles. Among his designs are both fluorescent and incandescent examples. He continued adding to his collection of modern minimalist lighting fixtures until 1961. His favorite material was black metal, though now his designs are manufactured in white as well.

His work combines original design with maximum functionality that draws attention to any part of a room. His lights are encased within articulated structures that illustrate the essential function of lighting through simplicity of form.

Modern Lighting

Making the best use of Serge Mouille’s rotating sconce.

The one arm curved sconce is like a leap into light. Its long arm has a versatile swing that is simple in its exuberance and practicality. These qualities make it essential for many design applications.

The shade tilts and revolves on a brass fitting and together with the adjustable arm this becomes a very flexible lighting option.

Like most of Serge Mouille’s designs the rotating sconce is a lighting fixture that will accentuate the look and feel that you are seeking in your living or working space. In addition, you will discover that this space saving light can fit in almost any location with ease. Available in black or white with brass shade connections this is an outstanding option for work areas and sitting areas.

Serge Mouille Perspective

Serge Mouille connects structural and visual basics to form functional compositions that present his point of view. His artistic focus provides visceral impact that will make your space extraordinary. Purity and simplicity are minimalist ideals rendered in this artist’s work. Serge Mouille’s functional art will attract attention anywhere.

February 13, 2015
by Serge Mouille

Mid Century Minimalist Design | The Serge Mouille Saturne Desk Lamp

About the artist Serge Mouille

Modern light fixtures and metal light fixtures are represented by famous lighting designers such as Serge Mouille. He exhibited his well-known mid century design fixtures at the Société de Création des Modèles. His designs incorporate both fluorescence and incandescence. He added to his collection of modern metal lighting fixtures until 1961.

Most famous for minimalist designs, he preferred to work in black metal. His work brings strength and direction with maximum functionality to any part of a room. Using uniformly black painted metal materials, spot light fixtures within articulated structures illustrate the essential function of lighting through simplicity of form.

Modern Lighting

About sixth planet from the sun Serge Mouille Saturne desk lamp

The sixth planet from the sun is named Saturne in French. It has been known to man since prehistoric times and was first recorded by Galileo. Serge Mouille took this planet as inspiration for his minimalist desk lamp design so unique that it took on the shape of a light source and eclipse unified as a piece of metal work. Mounted on a brass swivel supported by four slender yet stable legs this lamp brings light and revolutionary design to any home or office.

The Serge Mouille Saturne Desk Lamp is connected to nature by its shape, with the shade taking the form of a planet in our solar system. The lamp’s supporting structure is composed of slim yet strong legs. The eclipse structure is simply curved and gracefully formed – not only a luminaire but also a powerful focal point providing illumination as art with function.

Serge Mouille Artistic Perspective

Serge Mouille connects visual basics together to form art that presents his point of view while incorporating functionality. His artistic focus provides pure impact. Purity and simplicity are minimalist goals that are rendered in this artist’s work with spectacular precision. They will attract attention anywhere.

February 5, 2015
by Serge Mouille

Mid Century Minimalist Design | The Serge Mouille Tripod Desk Lamp

Mid Century Modern Lamps are represented by famous lighting designers such as iconic lighting designer, Serge Mouille. He exhibited his well-known mid century design fixtures at the Société de Création des Modèles. His designs incorporate both fluorescence and incandescence. He added to his collection of mid century lighting fixtures until 1961.

Most famous for minimalistic designs, he preferred to work in black metal. His work brings strength and direction with maximum functionality to any part of a room. Using uniformly black painted metal materials, spot light fixtures within articulated structures illustrate the essential function of lighting through simplicity of form.

Mid Century Modern Lighting

The Tripod Desk Lamp

The Tripod Desk Lamp is connected to nature by the shape of the shade taking the form of a moule or muscle shell. The lamp’s supporting structure is composed of slim yet elegant legs and the stem. All are simply curved and gracefully formed – not only a luminaire but also a peaceful focal point for the desk top.

Artistic Focus

Serge Mouille connects visual basics together for functionality, artistic focus and pure impact. His lamps attract attention like no other with a purity and simplicity that is the goal of minimalism. In short they will attract attention. For a special room, event or friend they express the deepest connection.

The question to ask is “Where should you put this extraordinary fixture – on your desk or on that of someone close to you?” We live in a world where we have stopped noticing objects and beauty. Serge Mouille uses his minimalistic approach to guide us back to a place where we continue to perceive.

January 27, 2015
by Serge Mouille

The Philosophy of Serge Mouille

Pragmatic art or the creation of an artistic representation that also has a necessary function is at the heart of what Serge Mouille and the company that carries his name have achieved over time with some of the most iconic lamps available today.  Until you need to choose one for a particular space, a lamp is often an overlooked accessory in a room.  However, walk into a room with a poorly chosen lamp and it is noticed immediately.  Or, walk into a room with just the right lamp and it goes from an accessory to part of the furniture that creates the perfect ambiance and feeling in a space.

modern design lighting

The lamps from Serge Moulle are certainly a furnishing and not a mere accessory.  Each lamp is simple at first glance, but as with most artistic renderings, a closer examination shows that there is a complexity that is easy to overlook.  A Serge Moulle lamp has versatility and grace whether examining metal lighting fixtures, wall sconces, or another design.  Some lamps can be adjusted to allow one part of even a small room to sit in the shadows, while that same lamp can be used, with a relatively minor and certainly simple adjustment can illuminate every nook and cranny.

It should not be the purpose of the lighting in a room to be the focal point of attention.  A great lamp can be simplistic in design, yet that same design can have an artistic bent, and serve its own in different ways.  It is not the fault of Serge Mouille or his company that his lamps and lights are dramatic in their usefulness while being so sleek in the design that they cannot escape your guests’ attention.

Serge Mouille offers modern design lighting, modern lighting, mid-century modern lamps, modern light fixtures and more.  There is a wide selection of lighting, lighting fixtures, and sconce lamps that fit every décor, every style, and every space.

January 16, 2015
by Serge Mouille

5 Reasons to Buy A Serge Mouille

In the market for some new lighting at your home? If so, and if you want to make a statement, then Serge Mouille lighting fixtures could be perfect for you. With a wide array of metal lighting fixtures and modern light fixtures to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your tastes. Read on to explore the top 5 reasons to choose a Serge Mouille.

serge mouille

1. Designs to Suit Any Space

Whether you want to accomplish a modern feel, contemporary look, or just about anything in between, you’ll find a Serge Mouille that meets your tastes. You’ll be sure to find a lighting fixture that accentuates the current look and feel of your space.

2. Unique Character

All of Serge Mouille’s lighting fixtures have their own unique style and character. In this sense, you can make a statement in your home with a lighting fixture alone. This simply cannot be said of many other designer lighting options.

3. Space Efficient

Serge Mouille offers a number of space-saving light options for your home. For instance, there’s the space-saving Serge Mouille totem pole lamp, perfect for floor or table placement and available in a number of sizes.

4. Versatile Usage

In your home, you should have plenty of versatile lighting, ranging from task lighting for your home office to mood lighting for your entertainment spaces. Serge Mouille helps you cover all your bases for lighting fixtures to meet all your needs.

5. True Works of Art

Finally, when you purchase a Serge Mouille, you’re not just buying a lamp; you’re purchasing a true work of art. Believe it or not, Serge himself was a graduate of the School of Applied Arts, and incorporated many artistic design principles into his lighting fixtures.

January 13, 2015
by Serge Mouille

4 Beautiful Light Designs For Your Living Space

The light fixtures you use throughout your home control the ambiance in each room. After all, light intensity, location and appearance directly influences the way people feel when they enter your living space. Thankfully, you can play around with light options by investing in a wide variety of wall sconces, floor lamps, ceiling mounts and desk lights.

modern lighting

Wall Sconces

Modern sconces attach directly to the walls in your home to illuminate tight spots, such as corners and hallways. Sconces also look really regal when placed above the fireplace mantle or in the entryway. This fixture type may have anywhere from one bulb housing to seven separate arms.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps slip behind furniture to provide a bit of light over favored reading, dining or conversation spots. The fixture designs range from minimalistic to artistic to fit nearly any type of decor. Within these designs, the bulb may shine through narrow slats or sit under a decorative hood.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounted fixtures have long been used as a centerpiece for the room. The light naturally draws the eye upward to allow visitors to revel in the complex, beautiful designs. Modern ceiling lamps may feature several arms with single bulbs or simply showcase a gorgeous cutout design in an individual fixture. You can customize the drop height to control the intensity and spread of light coming from the bulbs.

Desk Lights

A desk lamp gives you just the right amount of light in areas where it’s needed without encroaching on rest spots. Desk lamps pivot around, so you can shine the light brightly on your work area. The lampshades used for this fixture type may look like a beautiful flower or stunning dome. The extreme portability of the lamp makes it easy to experiment with placement or simply move the light when you need it elsewhere.

Choosing The Best Configurations

Think deeply about how you use rooms and sitting areas throughout your house to find the perfect lamp types for each space. If you have intricate hobbies that require bright light, use a combination of desk and floor lamps to illuminate the area appropriately. On the other hand, if you want a nice conversational space, use a low drop ceiling lamp over your dining room table for soft lighting that promotes relaxation and calm.

January 7, 2015
by Serge Mouille

Five Easy Ways to Welcome the New Year With Light!

The busy holiday season has passed and a new year has just arrived. Although the start of a brand new year holds the promise of the future, it can be hard to feel the magic during the gloomy days of winter that surround its arrival. Lighting can be the key you need to rid your home of this gloom and create an oasis of warmth and energy that will get your new year off to a great start. Here are five easy ways to do it!

modern lighting One: Make the Most of Natural Light

Not only is natural light great for lifting our spirits, it is free and easy to work with. Uncover windows and add mirrors and reflective surfaces to pull the light in and maximize the effect. If privacy is an issue, use sheer fabric panels to replace heavy drapes or blinds. This will allow the light to shine through, while maintaining privacy.

Two: Banish Darkness with Ambient Light

When the natural light fades at sunset, having a sufficient amount of ambient light can create a feeling of warmth and comfort, even on the coldest winter evenings. Replace gloomy, outdated ceiling fixtures with modern ceiling lamps to create a wash of light in the room. Use additional floor and table lamps to banish shadows and add extra warmth in corners and seating arrangements.

Three: Use Light to Energize Task Areas

The focused, concentrated beam of well-placed task lighting can help brighten the areas where we do meal preparations, attend to personal hygiene or balance the checkbook. To be most effective, choose task lighting that serves as a beautiful focal point, even when not in use.

Four: Use Accent Lighting as a Decorating Tool

The entire looks of a room can be changed by adding well-chosen accent lighting to magnify interest. Add warmth by using accent lighting to highlight a group of family photos or to add interest to architectural features.

Five: Create a Welcoming Entrance with Sconces

Even the coldest of nights will feel much warmer when your home’s entry way is highlighted by modern sconces. Use them to frame a beautiful hall table or bench or place them on either side of the door to welcome guests into your home.

No matter what you hope your new year will bring, keeping it bright and light-filled is a great way to make it a year to remember!


December 28, 2014
by Serge Mouille

2015 Modern Lighting Trends

Modern light fixtures are some of the best ways to embrace great design trends for your home and put a little bit of your own personality on display at the same time. Though modern lighting is definitely designed to be as functional as possible, it is also something of an art form in and of itself. The right light fixture is something that should be appreciated in much the same way as a painting, for example. If you’re looking to expand the design of your home to include some of these modern light fixtures, there are a few key modern lighting trends for 2015 that you’ll definitely want to pay attention to.

 modern sconces

One of the major modern lighting trends for 2015 is coming right out of Europe. Many metal lighting fixtures with European designs feature intricately placed crystals. These crystals are designed to bring a type of chic quality into interior design and create the best possible room in the process. Crystal fixtures are great for a number of reasons, including the fact that they are both timeless and elegant.

modern lighting

Another major modern lighting trend for 2015 sees the definition of “modern” expand into something completely new. Many designers are taking the best qualities of modern light fixtures and infusing them with old lighting ideas that are influenced by both periods and cultures from generations past. These create lighting designs that are not only functional, but are also infinitely impressive at the same time.

Finally, another important modern lighting trend for 2015 sees the role of the traditional lamp elevated to that of a statement creator in a room. Lamps with bold designs are seen as a fashion statement by many. The right lamp on your end table will immediately create a long lasting impression whenever someone walks into your home.