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November 25, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille Library Lamps For The Home

Serge Mouille continues his enormous popularity through his mid century modern lamps and deisign since his death in 1988 at the age of 66. The reason for the popularity of Serge is because of his excellent minimalist designs and the use of black or white paint on metal work, non-glare white paint on the interior of the shades, and the use of brass fittings when articulated arms are part of the design.

In 2002, Gueridon launched Serge Mouille Re-edition Lighting to the U.S. market. Through a website called Serge Mouille USA, and shared office and showroom space in Brooklyn, New York. The launch was a huge success and collectors of mid-century European Designs first go to Gueridon when looking for authentic, numbered Mouille re-edition that also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Part of the reason Mouille used clean geometric designs as found in his library pendant lighting, was as a contradiction to the popular mid-century production of clunky, and heavy Italian designs that had been popular until the mid-1900s. The popularity of his designs are testament to the reception of his dramatic designs.

mid century modern lighting

Dramatic lighting is a must for a modern home. One way of making it dramatic is to place modern overhead lighting fixtures in unexpected places. One example is the use of Mouille’s Overhead Library Lighting in places such as the kitchen or the dining room.

In the kitchen this re-edition makes for wonderful task lighting, in the dining room it offers exciting ambient lighting. One reason that overhead lighting exists is that is a throwback to the times when gas lamps were used for overhead lighting

The library overhead lamps has other uses such as lighting works of arts, a drop pendant over a piano and more.

Serge Mouille authentic re-edition lighting is available at Serge Mouille USA for online sales, by phone at 718-384-4399, or call the number to set up an appointment at our location at 109 South 5th Street, Unit 503, Brooklyn, New York 11249.


November 20, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Timeless Quality: Investing In Luxury Lighting

Serge Mouille is the founder of the modern lighting movement. His original work is more art than functional lighting, but the lights work well if used. The reason that art experts think of his work as more art than lighting is that at recent auctions some of his original lighting work sold in the neighborhood of $100, 000 or more.

Today, collectors can buy limited edition replicas of his work made using his methods and materials. Following

his death at age 66 demand for his work still had demand. His widow decided to allow the making of Sergio’s lighting in limited editions so the market did not dilute itself. Every piece sold has a certificate of authenticity.
modern ceiling lamps

His work is shown on the website for Serge Mouille, USA. Enthusiast can also invest on site in a certified replica of his work for a fraction of the cost of an original.

Invest in Luxury Lighting

That’s right, when you buy luxury lighting you add a new dimension in your home and lighting from Serge Mouille is an item that you enjoy forever or, if you sell, increases the value of your home.

Today, architects design homes with aesthetics that appeal to the millennial generation. These folks look closely at the latest trends and passionately care about how things work as well as how they are made. They like the clean, simple, and elegant design of designers such as Serge Mouille. Installing lighting such as this in your home increases its value and is an investment for consideration.

Furthermore, high-quality luxury lighting lasts a lifetime in functionality and as functional art.

Modern lighting design dates back to the middle of the twentieth century. Serge Mouille began his designs for luxury lighting in 1953 and concluded his lighting design career about a decade later. He is the epitome by which other modern lighting designers face comparison.

To learn more about the works of Serge Mouille visit the US website or if in New York or planning to visit the city, call them at 718-384-4399 to arrange an appointment at their Brooklyn site that is close to Manhattan, just off the Williamsburg Bridge.

November 13, 2014
by Serge Mouille

The Serge Mouille Single Floor Lamp

Serge Mouille designed lighting that was fun, artistic and truly “lit up the room” like a sincere smile. Serge’s mother and father were middle class people, his mom a seamstress and his dad a police officer. When Serge announced at age 13 that he was enrolling in School of Applied Arts silver workshop his parents were disappointed.

Serge was the youngest enrollee at the school and found the seeds of his career in lighting design when he discovered metallurgy and silversmithing at which he excelled. In fact, he knew the topics so well, he began teaching at the school when just 25-years old.

Before opening his own studio, following his graduation from the School of Applied Arts he worked for a handful of other companies and did an apprenticeship with Gabriel Lacroix.

Early Designs

Mouille began his lighting designs in the early 1950s. His designs were minimalist and monochromatic. The designs reminded many of spiders.

Later Works

That all changed in the late 1950s with the invention of fluorescent lighting. Mouille switched from just using incandescent light to lamps that joined the use of fluorescent and incandescent light sources in a single piece.

In 1962 the new line of lighting called the “Colonnes” collection had its introduction at the Salon for Interior Design.

The Signal Lamp

modern lighting


Serge designed the Signal Lamp in two sizes, small and large. Otherwise, they are identical.

These lamps feature a vertical tower with both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs inside the tower. The sharp angles used by Mouille in the early fifties are gone.

Slots are cut in solid steel panes that emit illumination. There are four elements on the tower that come from a thin, shaped sheet of composite metal.

The signal lamp is as much art as it is utilitarian.

Mouille’s designs remain in demand. His wife authorized that each year limited edition replicas of his lighting work, made using Mouille’s methods and the same materials he used be produced for sale.

For more information, visit Serge Mouille USA, email them, or visit them in New York City at 109 South 5 Street, Suite 503 , Brooklyn, New York 11211 (Map)

November 5, 2014
by Serge Mouille

The Totem Floor Lamp

At an early age, Serge Mouille began a career as a silversmith. At age 25, he became the director of the Silversmith Department at the Paris school, the School of Applied Arts.

A year later, he worked for Jacques Adnet to help Adnet design lighting fixtures. He devoted himself to lighting art from that point until the end of his career. Working with Adnet, Mouille’s first and most iconic design came to be. It was a standing three armed “spider lamp” with “nipple shades made of aluminum. The arms and shades have the ability bend, and the shades rotate.

In 1954, Serge Mouille designed another iconic modern floor lamp, the Totem Floor Lamp.

The Totem Floor Lamp

modern lighting

The Totem Floor Lamp is much different from his spider designs. It is a stacked for floor room that is cylindrical in form, there are no angles, even the base is round.

Atop the wooden base is a round central column made of metal. The lamp has both incandescent and fluorescent bulb. The incandescent light bulb is red and is used to change or create the ambience of a room. The incandescent bulbs provide illumination.



Totem Floor Lamps are Made in Large and Small Versions


The tube hold round shades that add to uniqueness of its design and cutting the amount of light that the Totem Floor Lamp gives off. The shades can be moved up or down the lights intensity is altered by design.

As a lighting designer Serge Mouille was one of the first to incorporate fluorescent lighting tubes into lighting designs. He was unique by combining the lighting of fluorescent with incandescent bulbs.

After the death of Mouille, demand for his modern lighting work continues to flourish. His widow decided that demand could be met by using the same techniques and materials that Serge used but limit annual production of each of the lamps. This helps collectors as the market for his work after his death is not flooded, and allows for each piece which also has a certificate of authenticity to hold its worth. Original piece of his lighting are sold at auction to collectors for nearly $100,000 or more.


October 25, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Set The Mood: Serge Mouille Lighting

How powerful is lighting in setting a mood? Check with any movie director and they will tell you it is an extremely important element in movies. It really is not surprising as the movies are for seeing.

The same principles that govern how lighting effects on a movie set apply to your home. Many people view lighting as a necessity, without much thought of to use how lighting as a way to change how we view our milieu. The way we see our surroundings has a huge impact on our mood.

In addition, lighting by major designers such as Serge Mouille allow you to add lighting as art as well as the fixture serving a utilitarian purpose.

 Tips on How Lighting Improves Your Living Space

modern lighting

Lighting your living space is similar to dressing for cold weather – layers are the key to lighting effects. Your home lighting need at least 4 levels:

  • Natural Light
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Task Lighting

Natural Light

Natural light is great – it is free too. When studying your living space to decide on how to layer, try to use the most natural light you can.

Here are some tips to get the most from the natural light you home receives.

  1. Hang mirrors particularly across from windows
  2. Take down natural light blocking items such as unneeded heavy drapes and change them for gauzy fabrics such as muslin that diffuses light. Use perforated roller blinds to prevent harsh sunlight from streaming in.
  3. Replace an inside door with a glass paneled door or even a door made of clear or stained glass.
  4. Avoid surfaces that soak up the light, use light reflective surfaces instead including pale carpeting and furniture.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the lighting that replaces sunlight after dark. Frequently, the main source of ambient lighting are overhead fixtures. These are holdovers from the days when gas chandeliers were in use and often are responsible for problems such as a bland flat lighting effect.

The good news is that accent lighting gives you lots of opportunity to use floors lamps, table lamps and wall sconces to add shading and depth. This is where you use a piece from a lighting designer such as Serge Mouille. He designed some spectacular wall and floor lighting as well as table lamps.

Serge created some elegant standing floor lamps. They feature clean lines that are quite simple. Choices include the single arm and the three arm standing floor lamps which have many uses such as up-lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting. Other standing lamps some see more as art than lighting – these are his later works called signal lamps that combines fluorescent and incandescent lights. Direct ambient lighting towards things you wish to highlight.

Task Lighting

Task lighting complements your other lighting. It is a grow light for plants, a undercabinet lighting for kitchen work or a reading floor lamp next to a comfortable chair.

Without a lighting plan, the best decor may not show the care that went into its planning. Do not forget the lighting!

October 15, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille: A History of Craft Lighting

In the middle of the 20th century, interior designers and architects on both side of the Atlantic Ocean created a movement in interior design known as Mid-Century Modern. The designs of that era following World War II had an allure that withstood the test of time and is still popular today. One of the leaders of this movement was a Frenchman named Serge Mouille who crafted the most beautiful lighting fixtures with an innate genius that shone is his carefully crafted pieces. Although Sergio died in 1988 at the age of 66, his captivating illuminations are still in great demand.

Serge Mouille was born in Paris, and part of his whimsical yet functional designs were no doubt influenced by the city he was born and schooled in. He began his career in industrial art as a silversmith, but he had an uncanny way of bending metal to his will – he had this mastery over metal beginning as a young man.

modern lighting

In the late 1940s he transitioned to the world of French Industrial Design. In 1953, he designed his earliest arm lamps in reaction to the ornate sconces and lamps that were coming from Italian artists. Form and function were his interests along with the beauty of clean lines. Where the Italian designs are nearly overwhelming, Mouille’s designs are minimalist and go with every decor. One look at his Spider Lamp explains his love of simplicity.

Mouille graduated the School of Applied Arts in 1941, in 1945 he joined the school as a teacher. Simultaneously he opened his own studio. In 1953, Jacques Adnet, a famous and successful French art deco modernist designer, architect and interior designer hired Serge as a lighting designer – and from then on he spend his life working as a lighting designer.

Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s he won awards and was a sought after designer. Commissions included the lighting at the University in Antony, school in Marseilles and Strasbourg as well as lighting for the Bizarte Cathedral.

Serge Mouille’s designs are as popular as ever. His widow has authorized each year limited edition replicas of his lighting using the methods and materials of his original work. These have worldwide distribution and quickly sellout. The Spider Lamp wall sconces are among the most popular.

October 8, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Home Office Ligting by Serge Mouille

Working in a home office is a challenge. Sticking a desk in the guest room is not a good idea let alone an ideal one. A home office is where you work from – it is your work space and place of employment. To be productive a home office needs proper work areas with good illumination. Writers, illustrators, computer code writers, and scores more of professionals work from home, at least part of the time.

Where you Work & How You Light are Key to Productivity


Table or Desk

A key part of a stylish, productive office is a sensible desk. If you have gone totally digital check out a minimalist desk with room for your laptop and mug. On the other hand, if you like to spread out and have piles on your desk, you need a desk large enough to accommodate your work style.


Proper lighting is essential to a productive home office. A standing lamp is an excellent choice as it takes up no desk space and positioned for optimal lighting. For those looking for some inspiration (and most of us do) Serge Mouille standing lamps serve well. Mouille (1922 to 1988) studied with the sculptor and silversmith Gilbert LaCroix. Serge Mouille earned a master silversmith diploma from the noted Paris School of Applied Arts where he later taught. While teaching he also opened his own studio for metalworking.

In his studio he designed and handmade chandeliers. handrails, and wall sconces. In 1953 Jarque Adnet hired him to design exceptional lighting. After his death, his widow decided to license his designs so other could enjoy the ownership of his standing lamp.

One condition of reproduction is that the original methods, materials, and molds be used without any changes.

Home office lighting using a standing lamp designed by Serge Mouille serves to inspire the office occupant by its simplicity of design that gets the job done.

October 1, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille Sconces and Influence

Serge Mouille liked clean lines. He felt that geometric shapes had clean lines and his modern sconces represent his artistic philosophy. Many critics and fans alike refer to his angular multi armed sconces as “insect like.” Arms extend out from the wall base and have the ability for placement at angles. Extended from the base, the arms with their shades resemble large feet of an insect of some sort.

modern lighting

Insects or Practicality

Mouille liked the “insect” design so much, he used it on desk lamps and ceiling lamps in addition to sconces. He designed two, three, five and seven arm wall sconces as well as a far more traditional Eye Wall Sconce.

Not only do the sconce arms extend and bend they also rotate. Each arm of these modern sconces has its own switch to control the light in the end shade.

Why He Did It

He used his clean geometric designs to counter the popular (at the time) heavy and clunky Italian designs that were popular in the mid-29th century. Serge Mouille had a vision of modern lighting fixtures using delicate lines portraying a phenomenal optic existence. Certainly, the popularity of the Two-arm wall sconce give testament to his success.

Today, French craftsman make the modern sconces by hand, using the same materials and molds that Serge Mouille used. Mouille attached the heads with a unique brass joint that allows it to swivel and turn to any setting and hold its place until someone changes its position. Available colors for these lamps are black or white.

Still Being Produced

Artisans make only 600 each year, and stamp and number them. Distribution is worldwide so despite the fact they are in limited production they are somewhat rare.

Serge’s three legged insect wall sconce was not as popular as the two armed one when introduced 70 years ago. Nevertheless, production of the annual limited edition follows the same creative technique and 600 limit of the two-arm pieces and sell just as well today. Also Mouille made and production is ongoing of five and seven-arm modern sconces.

Functional art is growing in popularity especially with people who commit to sustainability.

September 27, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Choosing Home Lighting: Ceiling Lamps Versus Floor Lamps

Home lighting affects the entire experience of the home. When it is done right, home lighting can give the home a warm and welcoming character, and provide a distinct personality to each room. It can also blend in with home décor so that each space exudes the desired impression. Lamps are an important part of the home because of the light they put out and their design. Ceiling lamps and floor lamps both have a place in most homes.

modern lighting

Each space in the home can have its own character.

A large snail ceiling lamp or five falling arm ceiling lamp can be ideal for a sharp and crisp home office, while a totem floor lamp or signal floor lamp can be the right companion for avid readers who relax in the home library or den. Standing floor lamps in the bedroom corner can provide light before bed during a final check of a person’s smartphone.

Different rooms lend themselves to different types of lamps.

Modern ceiling lamps can be good choices for foyers and hallways to light a large area and make visitors feel welcome. Chandeliers can be elegant choices in formal dining rooms. A cozy living room with a fireplace and a family room with its own natural light from a large window or skylight may be better suited for standing floor lamps to avoid competing with the fire or sun.

Aesthetics are important, too.

The choice of modern ceiling lamps or standing floor lamps affects the overall aesthetics of the space. A room that displays artistic pieces may be better off with several well-placed floor lamps to illuminate specific paintings or objects. For a rec room, a ceiling lamp can unify the entire space, making everyone in the room feel included in the activities.

September 20, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Mounted Desk Lamps Maximize Work Space

If you want to see your way across the room, you might be perfectly satisfied with grabbing a pack of light bulbs and plain fixtures from your local hardware store, but if you’d rather stop and enjoy the room for a while. you may want to consider the investment of modern design lighting. Modern lighting gives your home as much personality as the furniture you choose, the color you choose to paint your walls, or any artwork you choose to display. Modern lighting design is art, and better yet it’s functional art that serves a purpose beyond esthetics, and it’s something worth investing in.

modern lighting

Desk lamps aren’t just for desks. They can be placed on end tables, bookshelves, dressers, nightstands or any surface where you need your modern design lighting to be flexible and go wherever you need to go at the time. Still, the desk is the typical place for these lamps, but it doesn’t mean your lamps should be typical.

Desk lamps can either sit on top of a desk or temporarily mount onto the side of a desk allowing for more work space. Agrafee Desk Lamps clamp securely onto the side of a desk or other surface and can reach up to 36″ above your work area, allowing you to have full use of your workspace. By having this modern lighting option rise higher than a typical corner desk lamp, you’ll also get the benefit of having the light shine over the entire space, making it easier to see whatever you’re working on. It’s a great modern design lighting option for a computer desk, or general home office or study space for a student.

While the clamp is secure, it can also be removed as easily as it is installed, should you need the lamp in some other area of your home. The Agrafee Pivoting Desk Lamp, pivots in two places rather than just one and the light sits closer to the work area, at 26″. This is a great option for areas where more direct lighting is needed, such as a sewing or craft desk, a design table, or an area where you need to focus.