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September 20, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Mounted Desk Lamps Maximize Work Space

If you want to see your way across the room, you might be perfectly satisfied with grabbing a pack of light bulbs and plain fixtures from your local hardware store, but if you’d rather stop and enjoy the room for a while. you may want to consider the investment of modern design lighting. Modern lighting gives your home as much personality as the furniture you choose, the color you choose to paint your walls, or any artwork you choose to display. Modern lighting design is art, and better yet it’s functional art that serves a purpose beyond esthetics, and it’s something worth investing in.

modern lighting

Desk lamps aren’t just for desks. They can be placed on end tables, bookshelves, dressers, nightstands or any surface where you need your modern design lighting to be flexible and go wherever you need to go at the time. Still, the desk is the typical place for these lamps, but it doesn’t mean your lamps should be typical.

Desk lamps can either sit on top of a desk or temporarily mount onto the side of a desk allowing for more work space. Agrafee Desk Lamps clamp securely onto the side of a desk or other surface and can reach up to 36″ above your work area, allowing you to have full use of your workspace. By having this modern lighting option rise higher than a typical corner desk lamp, you’ll also get the benefit of having the light shine over the entire space, making it easier to see whatever you’re working on. It’s a great modern design lighting option for a computer desk, or general home office or study space for a student.

While the clamp is secure, it can also be removed as easily as it is installed, should you need the lamp in some other area of your home. The Agrafee Pivoting Desk Lamp, pivots in two places rather than just one and the light sits closer to the work area, at 26″. This is a great option for areas where more direct lighting is needed, such as a sewing or craft desk, a design table, or an area where you need to focus.

September 15, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Efficient Lightbulb Options

Not everyone has the talent to make modern sconces or standing floor lamps that are works of arts. Serge Mouille was an artist who accomplished just that. Mouille was a Frenchman, who earned a master silversmith diploma in Paris from the School of Applied arts. He studied with the renowned sculpture and silversmith Gilbert LaCroix, who he worked for immediately following his graduation in 1941.

modern lighing

In 1945, Mouille opened his studio and began teaching at the School of Applied Arts from which he graduated. His interest in lighting began from many commissions he had for chandeliers and wall sconces. During the 1950s, Mouille’s standing floor lamps and modern sconces incorporated angles. These large pieces resembled insects as many standing floor lamps, and modern sconces had a number of arms with lighting in the ends of the arms. His best-known works from this time are the 1962 “Oeil” lamp, “Flammes” (1954) and “Saturn” (1958). These lamps are genuine mid-century art works that were displayed at the Steph Simon Gallery in Paris.

After the invention of neon tubes in the 1950’s Serge Mouille had an inspiration to design standing floor lamps that combined fluorescent lighting with incandescent lighting. He premiered then at the 1962 Salon for Interior Design and they represent some of his better-known later works. He called this collection the “Colonnes.” These designs are different from Mouille’s earlier works. They are primarily vertical towers without the sharp angles he used a decade earlier.

Serge Mouille died in 1988, but each year his widow allows the casting of 1,000 pieces that sell all over the globe. The original molds, proportions, techniques, and materials go into the making of each numbered piece.

Though the light designs call for standard incandescent light bulbs, these are scarce as they are no longer manufactured or sold in the United States.

The most energy-efficient bulbs all have bases that fit these gorgeous lamps, however, some look better in the pieces as none of lighting diffusers to hide the bulbs.

Energy efficient light bulb options:

  • Compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Clear Halogen
  • LED Bulbs

However, for the most authentic look use either halogen or LED bulbs that have a rounded shape. Clear of frosted energy-efficient bulbs work well depending on where you place the fixture and its intended use.

A Mouille lighting fixture is art that lights up any home.


September 8, 2014
by Serge Mouille

What Your Home Entrance Says About You

Is your home entrance full of shoes, coats and backpacks?

This often overlooked area of your home one of the most important places when you have guests, yet it is easily ignored by homeowners. Your home entrance is the first room guests see. A poorly designed area without modern lighting tells guests that you don’t really care about your living space.

modern lighting

Consider the following changes to make your home entrance more welcoming:

  • Clean up clutter by putting it away in nearby closets.
  • Set up a coat rack.
  • Decorate a small table with one of the beautiful mid century modern lamps available.
  • Provide a storage area for bags and shoes.

As guests enter your home, they will get a first impression of your home quickly. Keep the area as clutter free as you can, and make sure to have good lighting for your guests to safely navigate any stairs. It’s important to make your guests feel welcome, and your home entrance is the first place to start.

As you decorate, keep it symmetrical in your entryway. Even if you have a small space, you can hang pictures on the wall that are evenly spaced. Use the whole space and don’t be afraid to make a big statement.

You can make your entryway more personal by using personal art pieces that you have collected, photographs of family in a variety of frames or with modern lighting that you have discovered.

Your entryway is the chance you have to set the tone of your home, and it’s important to get this right. Welcome guests into your home, and let them see how beautifully you have arranged your living space.

August 28, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Farewell Summer: Fall 2014 Lighting Trends

Well, we’re finally here. This weekend marks Labor Day, and the end of the summer as we all know it. For many, this can be a someone trying time, as it means back to full-time work days and juggling school, kids, and after school activities. But, we feel it marks a great opportunity to start fresh, and make some changes for the better! This fall, upgrade your home lighting with some of these beautiful modern lighting trends:

Modern Sconces:

A sconce is a great alternative to ceiling lighting. Not only does it serve as a great point of attention on the wall, but the unique light they cast up to the ceilings make for a stunning home addition. Take a look at one of our favorites, the Anthony Sconce, below:

modern sconces

Simple Modern Floor Lamps:

Sometimes, less is more. That’s why we are such big fans of our beautifully designed, clean, simple floor lamps. They add dimension to a room and provide sectional lighting when desired. Take a look at our standing lamp below. It features a long, slender arm supported by an elegant triangular base.

modern floor lamps

This season, transform your home with some beautiful lighting from Serge Mouille! To view our entire selection, visit http://www.sergemouilleusa.com.

August 20, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Rotating Sconces: Transformational Elegance

The rotating sconce is one of our most sought out pieces of modern lighting. It’s sleek design along with extreme functionality sets it apart from similar pieces and create a high demand. There are many uses for the rotating sconce. Above a long couch and table allows it to serve as a reading light which can be re-located to where one is sitting. It’s long, sleek arms allow it to be a beautiful point of focus in any home’s entrance way. It’s beautiful brass fittings and color options allow it to serve any space, and meet many tastes. Let’s take a stroll through the many rotating sconces which we offer. Please click on the photos to be taken to the product page and learn more:

modern sconces

modern sconces

modern sconces

modern sconces

modern sconces


August 10, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Going Green: 4 Easy Steps

Most people understand the importance of respecting the environment to some extent, but many can’t grasp the concept that if we all take little steps towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, we can actually make a difference. Green initiatives often times receive little traction as you can’t specifically gauge one individuals actions and see results from such minute changes. What we must keep in mind is that every step taken towards a more energy efficient lifestyle will help prolong our earth’s life span in the long run. Below are some small changes you can make for a greener tomorrow:

modern lighting

1. Turn off your lights when you’re not in the room – This may be tough to get used to, but even the nice new modern lighting you bought for the living room needs a rest sometimes.

2. If you drive, plan out your day before you leave the house – If you have multiple places to be in one day, try to arrange your plans as to make minimal trips with your car. This will save gas and reduce carbon emissions.

3. Buy local – Support local economy and local farmers. Produce will generally have less insecticides, taste better, and your spent money will go a much longer way than buying from the bigger stores.

4. Don’t waste water – Try and be sparing with your water. When brushing your teeth, try to shut off the faucet when brushing, and then turn it back on for rinsing. When showering, try and be timely.

While these minuscule changes may seem like they won’t do much, if everyone tried a little bit the results would be astonishing!


August 2, 2014
by Serge Mouille

3 Quick Room Upgrades

Many people struggle when trying to rearrange a space or create that perfect energy in a room in their home. While an entire renovation would be ideal, many people don’t have the time to be considering a project that size, especially if you are quickly approaching an important date.

Let’s say you plan on having company a week from today, but your living room is not quite up to par with your personal taste. What can you do to turn the room around in such little time? Below are some life saving suggestions:

1. Purchase some beautfiful modern lighting: Since you only have one week, purchasing a modern sconce or ceiling fixture is not the idea choice, but you can find some gorgeous floor lamps, such as those offered by Serge Mouille if you look in the right places. Take a look at this beautiful piece below:

modern lighting

2. Try a new rug: Some people don’t understand the power of a good rug. It really has the power to pull together, or pull apart a room. Survey the colors in your living space. Make sure you chose a rug that compliments the overall decor of the room without drawing too (too) much attention.

3. De-clutter: If it can go, get rid of it. Open up the flow of your room and trash anything you feel may not be necessary.

Those looking to transform their living space can view a variety of beautiful lighting online at http://www.sergemouilleusa.com.

July 11, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Recessed Lighting Tips

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and it just looks perfect even without any inhabitants in it. It is bright enough and casts the perfect shadows. This is because of recessed lighting techniques used in the room. By carefully placing lamps and lights in the right places and mixing their lights, you too can create a warm glow in your room. Here are some tips:

  • There are lots of small lamps in the room, but they should not be the most important sources of light. In fact, they should be on dimmers.

  • Add a few light fixtures just below the eye level, such a well-placed modern floor lamp or table lamp.

  • If you have a high ceiling, you can have a central pendant.

  • Keep lamps balanced and equidistant from one another.

By keeping these few things in mind, you can have the picture perfect room. Serge Mouille’s versatile standing lamps are perfect for casting the right shadows.


June 27, 2014
by Serge Mouille

Full Spectrum Light Bulbs?

Earlier this year, Congress outlawed old fashioned incandescent light bulbs in efforts to reduce our carbon footprints. Now, the biggest question is what will replace our old light bulbs? The government has since been promoting CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs) and experimenting with LED street lights. However, full spectrum light bulbs are becoming hot topic amongst concerned citizens.

Full spectrum light bulbs are said to emit lighting almost as good as sunlight. Sunlight is essential for every living creatures’ health. So does this mimicking light bulb do justice? Can they replace conventional light bulbs? Let’s weigh the pros and cons:

Pro: Full spectrum bulbs give great natural lighting for the day time. Instead of the old tube lights, this light bulb would be a great replacement for offices and schools–basically any place people reside in during the day time.

Con: The full spectrum isn’t necessarily good for our circadian rhythm. It can distort our sleep cycle. Natural sunlight dims into reds before night and this helps our bodies to know its time to sleep. Full spectrum bulbs will emit light as if it’s day time all the time.

Pro: Full spectrum lighting will give us excellent color perception. Every photographer will say that natural lighting is the best. Because of it’s full spectrum, colors reflect best in day lighting.

Con: Full spectrum will not provide better visual performance compared to other light bulbs.

Pro: Lighting produced by full-spectrum modern lamps may be, however, perceived as providing better architectural spaces than other lamps.

To make the world a greener place, we have to give careful consideration to the kind of light bulbs we use. There are still many problems in the light bulb dilemma, but we are continuing to find new solutions. What kind of light bulb will you be using?